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Parsnip Gratin

Gratins make anything better. A nice cheesy, crunchy crust on top of any vegetable is an improvement. I also love that you can make gratins ahead of time and finish the cooking in the oven, so you can leave the kitchen and entertain guests. And of course this makes them perfect for the holidays, when … Continue reading »

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Strawberry Tart

Fruit tarts are probably my favorite dessert ever. I remember birthdays when I wanted a fruit tart instead of cake. This one has a flaky crust and pastry cream that isn’t too heavy. Plus, I found some delicious strawberries at the farmers market. I thought about just strewing them on top stems and all because … Continue reading »

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Flounder in Cartoccio

This is a perfect quick spring dish– I came home from work late and made it in 15 minutes. (That’s also why there are no “after” pictures– in those few minutes it got dark out.) You can do this with any kind of fish or any toppings you want (although it works better with less … Continue reading »

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Baccala alla Vicentina

I must say, this is definitely a fantastic recipe so I’m not surprised it came from Babbo. It’s also incredibly easy, and on a night when I’m doing 7 fishes, the fact that it’s entirely make-ahead is a huge plus. In effect, this is the same dish that Spanish and French cuisines call Brandada or … Continue reading »

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The Ultimate Beef Stew

I don’t talk up my own food very often, but I have to say that this stew was really killer. You can call it beef stew or beef bourgignon or brasato al chianti, but it’s all very similar. The meat was just falling apart and tender with delicious carrots and flavorful gravy. I served it … Continue reading »

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Mussels with Garlic, Shallot, and White Wine

  Mussels are great and so versatile. Plus, they cook so quickly that they’re perfect for a weeknight meal. A big pot of mussels and some garlic bread, maybe some roasted veggies on the side and you have a fantastic dinner in under 30 minutes. Just make sure you don’t cook any that stay open … Continue reading »

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Parsnip Puree

I recently realized that I actually really like parsnips. Who knew? I’ve pretty much only been doing this with them though. But it’s a great fall recipe and it can be made into a really elegant dinner with some seared scallops or some steak slices on top. I usually make a healthier version of this … Continue reading »

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Gareth’s guest blog: les haricots vert, (that’s right folks, green beans)….

I now realize after some Wikipedia-ing that haricots vert are not technically the things that we Americans refer to as ‘green beans’ but this ‘recipe’ applies to them all. So simply get a pan with a few tablespoons of olive oil in it nice and hot, take some green beans, and toss ‘em in! The … Continue reading »

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Flounder Meuniere

Normally, this is made with sole in the traditional french version, but it’s equally good with other kinds of white, flaky fish. And it’s perfect for a quick dinner because the fish cooks quickly and there’s very little prep work and few ingredients. Flounder (or Sole) Meuniere 2 fillets of a white fish, such as … Continue reading »

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