Italian Turkey Meatballs

Italian Turkey Meatballs - Meatballs & Milkshakes

Meatballs are one of my favorite things to make on a Sunday afternoon because you can have a pot simmering in the afternoon  for a delicious dinner and then have amazing leftovers all week to be used in a variety of ways. I served these healthier turkey meatballs in marinara over farro for the first dinner, then leftovers went into sandwiches, on pizza, and in egg scrambles. I make a big batch to last us a few days, and it’s always a good week. Some fresh basil from the garden, and dinner is complete. Read more »

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Stuffed Poblanos

Stuffed Poblanos - Meatballs & Milkshakes

I love chili rellenos, but they’re not exactly the most healthy of foods. These stuffed poblanos are my new favorite way to each chilis, and they’re the perfect complete dish. The salty bite of feta combined with sweet corn and tart tomatillo salsa makes this pepper healthy and delicious. Feta’s not a mexican cheese, but it’s actually quite similar in flavor to queso fresca- and it’s what was left in my fridge. Read more »

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Red and Green Tomatillo Salsas

Red and Green Tomatillo Salsas - Meatballs & Milkshakes

I usually reach immediately for the green salsa when given a choice. With these two, it’s hard to decide though. I love to have a bottle of salsa in the fridge for use whenever I need a little something– whether it’s on eggs in the morning or over grilled fish for a quick dinner. Once you make your own, you’ll never go back to the jarred kind. It’s just so easy and quick, you’ll definitely be won over.

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Basil Gelato

Basil Gelato - Meatballs & Milkshakes

Ice cream makers are one of the most exciting things to have in a kitchen– I was recently reminded about mine sitting in the bottom of my pantry when we gave one to some friends as a wedding present and it went over well. Really well. The great thing about the ice cream maker is the ability to customize your ice cream and experiment with all sorts of crazy things. But then again, it’s hard to beat a rich chocolate or a fresh-from-the-farmers-market strawberry. Or actually, both of those together would be incredible. I think I know what’s happening next weekend. Read more »

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Passionfruit Panna Cotta

Passionfruit Panna Cotta - Meatballs & Milkshakes

I love panna cotta, as I love most creamy desserts. There’s also something amazing about being able to whip together a delicious dessert in 10 minutes that you can make as much ahead of time as you want. It’s less fussy than mousse, doesn’t need to be frozen and thawed, and you can make it relatively healthy. I sometimes substitute soy milk, although it’s definitely not as luxurious that way.  I also tend to forgo the unmolding, preferring to eat them straight out of ramekins so I don’t delay one minute more than necessary. This version combines the sweetness of vanilla bean with the tartness of the passionfruit to make a light but creamy summer dessert. Read more »

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Turkey Quinoa Stuffed Roasted Eggplant

Turkey Quinoa Stuffed Roasted Eggplant - Meatballs & Milkshakes

The original version of this dish was made with ground beef and breadcrumbs, which is delicious but not as healthy as I wanted today. I had some leftover cooked quinoa in the fridge, so I decided to sub that in for the breadcrumbs. It’s not exactly the same texture, but I actually like it just as much as the meatball-like original. The eggplant is a fantastic vessel for this delicious meaty filling, and the tomato sauce on top keeps it moist. I’ve also used the same stuffing in zucchini, and it’s just as delicious– those were gone too fast to even take pictures. Read more »

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Herb Frittata

Herb Frittata - Meatballs & Milkshakes

The first herb harvest from the boxes on the deck was a perfect excuse for a Sunday frittata. We’ve fallen into a habit of just making various scrambles when we want eggs, mostly because it requires no patience. There are a lot of egg options when you’re willing to wait a few more minutes, but a majority of them involve bread which I’m trying to cut out for the time being. Frittatas are a little more exciting, and I’ve made endless varieties of these. Read more »

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Crunchy Rosemary Chickpeas

Crunchy Rosemary Chickpeas - Meatballs & Milkshakes

Roasted chickpeas make a great healthy snack that you’ll want to make in large batches. They’re great for parties, pre-dinner drinks, or a mid-afternoon snack, and you can change the flavors for a different kind every time. If you don’t like them quite as crunchy, you can take them out before they start to brown, but I really liked them crunchy and almost dried. Add these to your snack repertoire right now, they’re just that good. Read more »

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ABC Kitchen Roasted Carrot Salad

Roasted Carrot Salad - Meatballs & MilkshakesThis salad is all about contrasts, and the way they work together to make an interesting dish. Warm carrots combine with cool, creamy avocado. Crunchy toasted seeds add crunch and the citrusy vinaigrette brings a brightness. I’ve changed the spices a bit, as well as adding more greens to create my own version of ABC Kitchen’s Carrot and Avocado Salad. It’s definitely going to become a year-round staple for me, and I love that it can serve as a light lunch all by itself. Read more »

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Flourless Citrus Saffron Cake

Flourless Citrus Saffron Cake - Meatballs & Milkshakes

Every once in a while, we try to go without too much gluten or flour-based foods. This means cutting out most bread, pasta, and baked goods. I usually don’t go so far as to make baked goods with gluten-free flours, just because it feels like it’s missing the point. Sometimes though, I just want to cheat a little and have something yummy and baked. That’s when I turn to almond flour, which is really just finely ground almonds. I sometimes substitute some of the flour in my favorite recipes with almond flour too. The combination retains some of the original texture, but gives it a more toothsome, chewiness that works really well for things like cookies.

This cake was surprisingly delicious and incredibly easy. The fresh, sweet glaze is not too cloying because the whole citrus gives a slightly bitter undernote. The great thing about this cake is how moist it is, and it only gets better as it sits and the glaze intensifies. And who wouldn’t want a piece, with that lovely golden color and glistening glaze? Read more »

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